Join One Identity and KACE at Infosecurity Europe 2021

The average cost of a data breach by cybercriminals is $3.86 million, according to recent cybersecurity reports. Cyberattacks have only increased in frequency since the pandemic hit last year, with cyberattack records growing by 224% year-over-year and cybercrime increasing by 31 percent. Your organization can’t afford to simply hope that you won’t become a part of those statistics.

What can you do?

Attend the virtual Infosecurity Europe 2021 conference and meet with One Identity and KACE Unified Endpoint Management. One Identity and KACE experts will be among the cybersecurity industry’s most innovative leaders who will be gathering online on July 13-15 to discuss best practices, case studies and real-life insight.

By attending Infosecurity Europe, you can:

  • View a showcase of the latest technologies and solutions for combating cyber threats
  • Gain practical insight on topics, such as governance, risk management and compliance, identity and access control, data privacy, threat intelligence and more
  • Learn how to tackle daily cybersecurity challenges and how to align security with your organization’s business objectives

Register today to join One Identity and KACE at the year’s most immersive cybersecurity event. Infosecurity Europe is a must-attend conference for anyone hoping to give their organization the boost it needs to stand against cybersecurity risks.

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  • I will definitely checking this one out, and will ask my colleagues to join me. As I'm sure they will enjoy Info security, but then I realize that this event was 2021. I would like to know if there will be event this year. Thank you. I actually saw this in AI Marketing, that is why I went here and check this out. Also, I like you to check this game called Call of Dragons, amazing you can play non stop.

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