KACE Cloud for Managing Fleet Devices

Rapid changes in technology have forced businesses to be on the lookout for ways to be more agile and efficient. An area of significant growth is mobile devices used in company fleets. Typically, these devices are Android or iOS devices, but may also be Windows rugged tablets. The use of these tools has helped optimized business operations and created new opportunities for companies. In this blog we will discuss the benefits KACE Cloud bring to fleet management for mobile devices.

  1. Improved Security

The key advantage to implementing KACE Cloud for fleet management is data security. The value of a mobile devices really is the data it holds not the device itself. It is crucial for a company to keep that data secure. If a device is lost or stolen you can locate, lock, or wipe the device. Keeping the device security patched and updated with KACE Cloud Secure also ensure the operating system as well as applications are up to date. Ensuring passcode rules and app permission keep your data safe as well.

  1. Productivity Enhancements

KACE Cloud can ensure your fleet employees have access to the apps they need when they need them increasing efficiency. Eliminating non-essential applications or functions through kiosk mode will help keep your mobile devices from being used for non-work activities. Keeping everyone from managers to employees on schedule and on the job.

  1. Cost Savings

With KACE Cloud a single platform to manage your mobile devices, Android, iOS, MacOS, or Windows can save time and money on mobile device management. Furthermore, always on device management help eliminate downtime by optimizing and updating endpoints automatically.

  1. Compliance Requirements

KACE Cloud can help fleet operators which are subject to strict regulations become and stay compliant. KACE Cloud an assist fleet manager in meeting these compliance requirements by enabling the enforcement of policies and protocols related to driver safety, data privacy, and regulatory reporting.

  1. Maintenance and Support

Remotely view device status and compliance proactively to spot any device or maintenance issues immediately with KACE Cloud. If a user’s device is lost or damaged, profile-based device provisioning can easily get a user backup and working quickly. Simply, drop ship a new device to user they authenticate with their work credentials and KACE Cloud provisions the device automatically. Are there zero-day patches needed to keep the device secure, KACE Cloud will automatically push those out to your fleet mobile devices.


KACE Cloud is an invaluable asset to help keep your fleet mobile devices ready for the road. With enhanced security, multiple operating system support, cost saving, improved regulatory compliance, ease of maintenance and support, KACE Cloud will help ensure your fleets operate at peak performance and help you keep your company moving forward.

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