Remote Device Management Resolutions for 2024

Welcome to 2024

Remote device management is more critical than ever! In this blog post, we'll dive into the essentials. We're covering everything from mastering your inventory to seamlessly managing remote devices, navigating the complexities of software license compliance, and streamlining your ITSM strategy.

Understand Your Inventory - Devices & Lifecycle Management

You can’t manage what you don’t know. The first step towards effective IT device management is having a thorough understanding of your inventory. This involves not just knowing what devices are in use, but also comprehending their lifecycle. From procurement to retirement, each phase of a device's lifecycle demands specific management strategies. Keeping track of warranties, software updates, and hardware upgrades is essential. An effective inventory and lifecycle management too will not only help keep your companies’ data secure, it can also help you plan for and stay in budget.

Get a Handle on Remote Devices and BYOD

The rise of remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies has significantly altered the IT device management landscape. Managing these remote devices, especially those connecting to corporate networks via VPN, requires a nuanced approach. It's crucial to ensure that these devices adhere to the same security standards as in-house equipment. This includes regular updates, secure connections, and adherence to data protection policies. Personal devices used for work purposes are cost effective and allow users to work on devices they are comfortable with. However, they add another layer of complexity, necessitating clear BYOD policies and management tools that can handle the diverse range of devices and operating systems.

Be License Compliant

If you have ever had an audit, you know this to be true. License compliance is a critical aspect of IT device management, directly impacting both legal standing and budget. Regular audits and monitoring of software licenses ensure that the organization is not under-licensed, which could lead to legal issues, or over-licensed, which results in unnecessary expenses. Audit expenses are more than just the cost of the true up, but the time spent on the audit which can be months or years long, legal expenses, loss of productivity and reputational damage. Efficient license management involves understanding the usage patterns within the organization and purchasing licenses accordingly. This not only ensures compliance but also optimizes costs by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary or underutilized licenses.

Effectively Manage Your Service Requests

Is your team handling request by phone, email, or walkup? This works up to a point, but once an organization is large enough you need a better way to manage ITSM. An efficient service desk is pivotal in managing IT devices effectively. By streamlining service requests, organizations can significantly improve their IT Service Management (ITSM) metrics and goals. This involves adopting a proactive approach to service management, anticipating potential issues, and addressing them promptly. A well-managed service desk not only reduces downtime but also enhances user satisfaction and productivity.

Keep Your Apps Secure

Have you suffered a breach or ransomware attack? If so, you know keeping third-party applications up to date is integral to business operations. Ensuring their security and the data they create is paramount. Regular patching and updating of these applications are crucial to protect against vulnerabilities. Automating the patch management process can significantly reduce the workload on IT staff and minimize the window of exposure to potential security threats.

What’s the solution?

Integrating all these resolutions can be a daunting task, but solutions like the KACE Systems Management Appliance from Quest Software Inc. can help. KACE offers a comprehensive solution for managing IT devices, ensuring license compliance, automating service requests, and securing applications in a single pane of glass. By consolidating these functions into a single tool, organizations can save time and reduce costs. For more information on how the KACE Systems Management Appliance can transform your IT device management, visit [Quest's product page](

Kickoff 2024 remote device management by, adopting these IT device management resolutions will not only streamline operations but also fortify the security and efficiency of IT infrastructures. By staying ahead in managing IT assets, organizations can ensure they are well-positioned to tackle the challenges of the modern digital landscape.

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