The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance can be used in a secure environment without Internet connectivity.  However, there are a few options that will be unavailable.

One of the main questions or concerns regarding using the SDA (K2000) offline is, "Will I be able to add the license key and register my new product with no Internet connection?"  The answer is yes, there will be no problem registering your new Systems Deployment Appliance offline.

Now let's discuss all of the options that will NOT be available due to requiring an internet connection.  Please note all of these options can be manually accessed or downloaded from another device that does have internet connectivity. Your off-line appliance will have all of the same functionality, except the following items.

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All of the items that are NOT accessible due to no Internet connectivity can be found by browsing to the following URLs from another device that has an Internet connection.

Knowledge Base Articles:
Latest News Articles:
Quest KACE Support:

Dev Tools

Custom Deployments:
Deployments to a workstation without an Operating System, read the link above for a full description.

KBE Manipulator:
Allows for manipulation of KBE that is uploaded to your K2000, including assigning static IP, adding ADSI, ODBC, DCCTK, Command | Configure, .Net4, Powershell, adding custom DOS commands, or uploading custom .wim/.iso's.

Sysprep Creator Wizard:
Walks user through creating an unattend file for Windows 7/8/10.

Driver Feed Builder:
Harvest or extract executible drivers and upload to the K2000.

Get/Set ComputerName:
Allows saving of computername from workstations or apply new names.

Unattend LTI:
Tasks to help change the contents of unattend.xml based on administrator needs.

Kace Streaming WIM Toolkit:
Toolkit that allows deployment of K2000 captured wims to be streamed.

Default Deploy:
Script that allows deployment of a default image/scripted install to machines.

Export Wi-Fi Profiles:
Script that will export profiles and .zip them up with a script to deploy them with a K1 or K2.

Driver Feed Advisor:
Script to show the driver feed path of a workstation, via the K1000 or K2000.

Upgrading to Windows 10:
Tasks that provide a solution to upgrading a workstation to Windows 10 using the K2000.

USMT 10 loadstate fails when deploying Windows 7:
A script that will copy the files necessary into USMT so that a Windows 7 deployment is successful with loadstate.

Set Autologon Count:
Change the autologon count in an unattend file of a sysprepped image

Task Timeout Modification Script:
Modify the task timeout period of each task on version 3.6 or higher.

Using the K2000 UltraVNC during Windows Post Install Tasks:
Be able to remote into Windows during Windows PO Tasks.

Dismiss Windows 7 Scripted Install Error in WinPE4 and WinPE5:
Pre Installation task that will dismiss the errors when deploying a Windows 7 SI with WinPE4/5

Disable the DPInst Reboot for Windows 7 or higher Images that use driverfeed:
Disables the reboot for dpinst since it is not needed for Windows 7 or higher.

Using the K2000 UltraVNC during Windows Post Install Tasks:
Be able to remote into Windows during Windows PO Tasks.

Kace Appliance Package Export Report:
Creates an .html report of exported packages..

Linux Deployment Toolkit for 3.5 SP1 and 3.6:
Allows for the deployment of linux kickstart.

Automatically Naming a Macintosh Computer using the K2000:
A script that behaves similarly to wsname for Windows.

Maintain KUID of a Macintosh System using the K2000:
Capture the kuid of a Macintosh system and put it back to the workstation as a midlevel task.

Screen Resolution Changer:
A script to either maintain screen resolution from each workstation, or assign a new one.

All drivers can be manually downloaded as Driver Pack(s) and transferred to the appliances Samba Share for future use in any of your scripted and / or system images.

How to add the Driver Pack to KBE (111719):
Samba Share Folder Structure and Description (132549):
How to install Non Dell drivers into the K2000 Driver Feed (123175):

Note: at the time of this FAQ the latest Systems Deployment Appliance is running version 6.0.425.

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