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Remember that feedback form you filled out after KACE UserKon 2021? Yeah, we looked at them all and listened to what you had to say about how we can upgrade the UserKon experience. 

So, KACE UserKon 2022 will feature some high-demand changes, including: 

More In-Depth Training 

We want to make sure that KACE UserKon 2022 is just as helpful for returning attendees as it is for first timers. This year, sessions will be listed as “For Everyone,” “Intermediate” and “Advanced” to help you determine which sessions will be best fits for your schedule. The more advanced level breakout sessions this year will include: 

  • Building a Configuration Management Database Solution with KACE 
  • Visualizing Patch Compliance with PowerBI 
  • Breaking all the rules with KACE SMA Rules 
  • What’s an API and how do I use it? 
  • Building custom solutions with KACE Professional Services 
  • SMA Database Walkabout 

For more information on these advanced sessions, check out the full agenda. 

More (and Unique) Opportunities to Network with Organizations Like Yours 

One thing most people have missed during the abounding virtual events inspired by the pandemic has been networking opportunities. Not only have professionals wanted to make more business connections, you wanted those connections to be ones from within your own industries, including peers who have already solved the same problems you’re currently facing. Well, we’re making that a bigger part of this year’s conference, as well! 

By providing industry identifiers through the mobile app and on event badges to unique networking opportunities during our breaks, meals and receptions, we're pledging to make it easier for you to connect with like-minded attendees throughout the conference if that is a goal of yours for the event. More details will be provided on the KACE UserKon 2022 website as we iron them out, so be sure to check in regularly for more info! 

More Time with Experts at the Geek Bar 

A big draw of KACE UserKon’s in-person events is our Geek Bar. For those who may not know, the Geek Bar is an area where attendees can get one-on-one time with KACE experts who will answer your unique questions that may not have been answered during the main conference sessions. At KACE UserKon 2022, we’re extending the Geek Bar’s hours, as well as increasing the number of experts who will be hanging out at the Geek Bar. More geeks, more time! 

KACE UserKon 2022 is on track to be our most helpful UserKon yet! Be sure to register ASAP to take advantage of our registration discounts before time runs out. Hope to see you in Vegas this September! 

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