Client Connection Profile - how to reset

While attempting to test a Database Direct connection to a restored ChangeAuditor SQL DB (under a different name) for a DR exercise, I manually created a connection profile -> which hung the client (had to terminate with taskmgr). In the process of trying to connect, I checked Auto Connect by mistake so it now tries to use the Direct connection and hangs for at least 15-30mins until I get a "The communication object. System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state" popup  -> I can only Show stack Trace and Exit Application after that.

Connecting to the live DB was working fine but I can't get back to that profile, is there a way reset the connection profiles to default or get to "Manage Connection Profiles" and update/disable the manual profile separately?  The ChangeAuditor client shortcut points to ChangeAuditor.exe - is there perhaps a switch I can specify to reset back to a default profile?

I did try repair/uninstalling/reinstalling the ChangeAuditor client installed in another domain environment but it kept my connection profile information there as well. I checked the registry for the name of my manual connection but didn't find it either. Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Note: we're running v6.5.