Inactive Change Auditor Agents


I've installed Change Auditor Coordinator and Client in a Windows Server 2016 activating three licenses (Active Directory, SQL and Fileservers). After that I deployed some agents in different servers, for example the agent deployed in the same server than Change Auditor it seems work fine and collect all the events but the rest of the agents it shows with next status 'inactive'. 

The installation of the inactive agents finish correctly and appears the message 'Success' but when the installation process finish the agent status comes to 'Inactive'. We did different test to find the problem without any result: 

-nslookup between agents and coordinator ok.

-ping ok 

-netstat -pa --> appears active conections between agents and coordinator.

-the firewall policies are permissive. 

-Windows firewall disabled. 

-Event viewer from windows shows a kerberos autenthication error but I dont know if this is the problem. 

I change the 'Log on' from the 'Change Auditor Coordinator Service to a service account from Active Directory because I installed the Coordinator using a normal account with domain admin rights. I tried too to change the 'Log on' service to the admin rights account but the problem persist. I'm attaching some pics with more information.


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