Change Auditor agent keeps on stopping

We provisioned new DC on windows server 2016 and deployed the change auditor agents. The agent will run but it will automatically stop after a minute. I checked on the logs and some DLLs fails to initialize. 

ID: 2484
Time: 7/8/20 08:29:03.543
Level: WARN
Thread: 13156
Logger: NetProLib.Injection.DllInjector
File: DllInjector.cpp
Function: NetProLib::Injection::DllInjector::_OpenProcess
Line: 800
Message: DllInjector(1a6c938) process not found

ID: 2485
Time: 7/8/20 08:29:03.543
Level: ERROR
Thread: 13156
Logger: CServicesHook
File: ServicesHook.cpp
Function: CServicesHook::InstallHook
Line: 306
Message: Support Dll initialization error (NetProLib::Injection::DllInjector::_OpenProcess - Unable to locate process id -1) on C:\Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Agent\SCM

But I checked the files were on their respective locations. Can someone help me on resolving this?

For reference, we are on Change Auditor 6.9.5.

Thank you!

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