recovery manager for active directory

i1) want to know the  procedure how to do authoritative  restore of GPO SYSVOL  and GPO  in ACTIVE DIRECTORY 

I see this  below link but it states how to do  auth restore of sysvol , i need to know how to do auth restore of GPO sysvol and GPO in active directory through RMAD

Link :*TOPIC-1659569__;Iw!!OiWDNh-9Pw!8esFHEdaMqk4SXqgO53eJJ25ojXOqqMmCuuAhTaZ3o5HBimvYWO_NdHU87D4IcxaFt9j1UYzBO1RtwQ4XK9-QSg$

2)also how can i validate the DSRM password in forest console is correct for all DC , i have 400 DC's , some are from year 2016 some are recently getting added

how from rmad console i can  verify the domain password is correct.