query on update

Hi All
I am using Quest change Auditor 7.1.0 Coordinator version & Quest change Auditor 7.1.0 client installed on my Change Auditor Server.
i have also Quest Change Auditor 7.1.0 Agent installed on my domain controllers.

I want to upgrade to version

I have take the backup of SQL DB.
I have stopped & disabled Quest Change Auditor Coordinator service on Change Auditor Server
I have extracted the file ChangeAuditor_7.3.0.27006, when i click Autorun on Change Auditor Server VM i see the options.

1. First i need to run Change Auditor coordinator on Change Auditor Server VM
2. Once its done run Change Auditor Client(Windows) on Change Auditor Server VM
3. copy the file Quest change Auditor Agent(x64).msi from C:\Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Service from Change Auditor Server VM and run on Domain Controllers.

Please correct me if this process is correct