• Change Auditor Agent Slow ingesting NetApp Filer Events

    We have a NetApp Agent pointing to a filer. The agent is reporting very few events (between 5 and 20 events) even though we can see in the logs that there are at least 960 events queued. The Agent does not appear to Forward the events to the Coordinator…

  • Change Auditor v6.9.5 Powershell QuestionC

    Is there a way using the Change Auditor Client powershell module to set an "Inactive" agent to "Uninstalled" for a computer that is no longer on-line?

  • Agent status "Never" on servers with same name, new fresh installation

    Hi guys!

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Happens with a customer that we have 27 agents installed (FS, DC, SQL etc)

    They install new DC (three servers) keeping the name and the IP address of the "previous" servers that were installed and auditing,…