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  • Enhance Validation Logic to allow AND's and OR's

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    • Under Review on Mar 28, 2017
    Currently there is no easy way to mix "AND's" and "OR's", yet a typical validation logic for us is something like "if the computer is in room 1 OR 2 OR 3 AND the file does not exist, then install" If there was a way to nest the AND's and OR's or logically...
    • Mar 28, 2017 5:30 PM
  • building outlook signatures: add txt and rtf format

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    • Under Review on Mar 28, 2017
    When you are creating email signatures in outlook, it builds one in html, txt and rtf. DA only creates one in html. when replying to a txt email there is no email signature. It would be nice when DA creates signatures in the standard outlook formats...
    • Mar 28, 2017 5:41 PM
  • Expand the use of boolean operators in validation logic rules

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    • Under Review on Aug 18, 2017
    I recently ran into a problem while trying to create a validation logic rule that had to launch an application if a file version was lower then x OR the file didn't exist. Desktop Authority changes the OR into an AND. This is apparently bij design cause...
    • Aug 18, 2017 7:20 AM