Microsoft Outlook Settings

Suppose I have two profiles in Microsoft Outlook Settings.
The Validation Login on the first is "IF User Equals user1"
The second is "IF UserOU Equals \ ExampleOU \ *"
User1 belongs to ExampleOU.
Which of the profiles applies to user1?

  • Hi GenaroHH,
    The profiles, and the elements within the profiles, all execute in order from top to bottom (provided of course that the sort order applied is the execution order). Whenever there is a conflict for the same setting, the last one to validate as true will win. That rule is consistent throughout the product with the exception of the Inactivity settings. In the inactivity settings, the first to validate for a particular action is the one that will be applied in the event of a conflict. In the specific example that you provided, the Outlook settings would be applied from the second profile with the ExampleOU validation logic.
  • Thank you for your explanation. It worked for me.