Send an email / Alert for particular logins

I am trying to figure out the best way to be alerted if someone uses particular accounts to login.  Ideally I would display a warning to the person logging in and then send an email.


  • An application launcher element can be used to do this with a powershell command to send the email, configured like this:

    The arguments field must include information below:

    -Command “Send-MailMessage -From '$adEmail' -To “'daadmin@domain.local' -Body '$adFullName just Logged In' -Subject 'LOGIN: $UserID' -SmtpServer 'smtp.domain.local' -Port 25”

    The -SmtpServer name must match the email server and the daadmin@domain.local the account that you want to receive the email.

    Under validation logic, the timing option must be set to logon only to send this email only when the customer logs on.