Profile Process Order

Feature request: Profile Process Order

Details: Could you please implement option, that will allow changing process order of items under profile. Or change process order, based on example bellow.

Example: Have an ability to apply "File Operations" before "Applications Launcher" process.

This will be beneficial for us, as sometime we need to fix the installation issue, where we need to copy file to the client, before we lunch application.

Now, it requires 2 time login to correct one issue: 1 - for copy file, 2 - lunch application. 

Thank you.

  • Hello vpurtov,

    The order in which Desktop Authority processes it's Objects cannot be changed. As shown in your example, the Application Launcher object applies before the File Operations object.
    However, we have some options to get around this so you would not need two logons for this to work.

    1) Pre-Engine Scripts. Pre-engine scripts is the very first object to run. If you are able to write a script using KiXtart, PowerShell or VBScript then you can use the Pre-Engine Scripts object to perform the file copy before the Application Launcher object processes.

    2) Application Launcher. Application Launcher can launch Windows Commands. You can use it to launch things like taskkill.exe, net.exe, cmd.exe, and in this case Xcopy.exe. You can even use Application Launcher to launch batch files. There are two important things to keep in mind when using Application Launcher in this manner. 

    a) Application Launcher processes its elements from top to bottom. So in your case this would only work if your Xcopy.exe or batch file element was above your installation element.     

    b) Application Launcher elements have an option to “Launch Asynchronously”. When this option is unchecked Desktop Authority will not begin to process the next element until the current one has fully completed. Therefore, to make sure the copy element fully finishes before your installation element begins you will need to make sure this option remains unchecked.

    How to copy files using an Application Launcher element and the XCOPY command
    How to launch a batch file using the Application Launcher


    If you would still like to request that the process order be editable in Desktop Authority you can submit it to our User Voice forums where it can be reviewed by Product Management.