Desktop Authority questions

First of all, brief environment description. K-12 school district, 23 sites, all sites have gigabit connections back to our office, 3500-4000 Windows machines, about 1200 staff and 7200 students. People and machines move around a lot. The people go all over the place, the computers are generally kept within the same school. Migrating on to the domain is an in-progress project, so we're starting pretty fresh here. Using PDQ for software deployment and inventory, works great so far. I was a little concerned with pushing PDQ with the number of computers we'll have on the domain at the end, but with PDQ Enterprise just released, not so worried about that anymore. Using Bomgar for remote support, works great, love it, don't need to replace it.

Now for the questions-

  • So far in my testing, I'm finding that once the DA agent is deployed, that computer's startup time increases by at least a full minute. It's a lot longer on my laptop when I'm at the house. Is this something you've noticed with DA? If so, any way to reduce this?

  • Do you find yourself having to create settings in the group policy templates area often? My biggest complaint with the Group Policy Templates section so far is that it can be kind of tough sometimes to determine which admx template the exact setting you want is contained in. I can add all the templates, but I better go make a cup of coffee while waiting for the list to expand at that point.

  • Along those same lines, the server I've got DA installed on exceeds the recommended system specs by quiet a bit. Once I get logged in to the web console, it's as fast and responsive as I'd expect it to be. However, pulling up the login page initially takes at least a full minute. Anybody else have that problem? It's really annoying. reverse phone lookup nba reddit pcpartpicker