IS anyone using Dell Authority ??

Hey everyone,

I'm researching Dell Desktop Authority for use at my company. I've heard positive things from an associate at another company, but I thought I better ask you guys as you've given good advice before. Anybody care to weigh in on the pros/cons?

On the surface, it looks like a triggering system for Group Policy, but I'm sure there are other features that I'm missing. 

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  • Hi Techbud - I am the product manager for KACE Desktop Authority (DA) which is now owned and managed by Quest Software since Dell sold it as part of a much larger software portfolio. I am happy to learn that you are interested in the product - and that it has already been recommended to you by a peer. I'd love to assist you in getting more information about the product and if you are interested I can help you get set up for live demo and Q&A session with one our product specialists. Please feel free to contact me at 

    I will keep this  forum question marked as unanswered  as I assume you will also love to hear more from individuals who are using the product to help you. 

    I'd also LOVE to hear from other customers share their stories with you in this forum as to how and where DA delivers amazing value. Anybody want to share what feature they love and how it helps you do your work? I know there are a lot of options to highlight!