Elements to remove a printer - windows interactive error 1801 the printer name is invalid


We've done this many times in the past, and we had to do it this weekend too.  We copied 5 printer elements and changed the first 5 to remove the printer and the new copies to add the printer with a new name.  There was some changes in the company and these 5 printers were renamed so in order to do that we remove them in DA printers elements and then add them with the new share, which picks up the new printer name.

Well on one machine instead of this error just writing to sltrace.htm log, it was an interactive dialog box that popped up 

[Desktop Authority Alert]

An error was encountered while attempting to disconnect a network printer:


Error 1801: The printer name is invalid.


We've never seen this before.  I may have seen it in the sltrace.htm logs, but I've never seen this as an interactive pop up where the user must hit OK before it proceeds and continue to hit OK through all the printers until the rest of the script loads and finally the desktop.  This should NOT be stopping the user from logging in.  SO WHAT if the printer name is invalid.  Who really cares, its a printer remove action, if its not there then thats AWESOME, its exactly what we want... it shouldn't error on that.  Just move on.

Why did we only get one call on this?