USB Port/Security Alert Windows 10

I see in the release notes for DA 11.1 which came out December 2019, on the issues list there is STILL after many years later,this issue of the of the following popup still occurs:

USB/Port Security Alert, The operation you are attempting on the device \Device\Hardisk0\DR0: was denied because of restrictions in effect on this computer (embargoevents.exe).

How many YEARS is it going to take developers to FIX this issue?  It doesn't matter how benign it is quite frankly, but when you have users questioning it, telling them to ignore it isn't the most professional response.

  • Hi sauerk –

    My name is Karla and I am the Product Manager for Desktop Authority.

    You are correct that DA has another popup issue related to its USB/Port Security feature. This popup issue was originally reported and resolved in DAMS-2056 based on information we had at the time about MS security in Windows 10 build 1607 as a component of the root cause to this issue. Please review KB 254714 for information on the initial issue and corresponding fix.

    You are also correct that DA v 11.1 Release Notes mention that we are encountering this same issue once again but on more recent Windows 10 builds via DAMS-3922 (Win 10 build 1803 and later).

    The popup message stating "The Read operation you are attempting on the device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0: was denied because of restrictions in effect on this computer" just as it was when using Win 10 build 1607 is still benign and can safely be closed as it does not affect any functionality even in later Windows 10 builds and DA versions.

    We recognize that telling customers once again to inform end users to just ignore this benign popup by closing it is just as confusing to end users as it had been in the past. And for that reason, we agree this workaround despite its short term effectiveness is not a long term solution in DA. That is why we created DAMS-3922 with new details on Windows 10 security changes since build 1607 and have committed to address this issue in the future. 

    Thanks for sharing your passion about this issue and by extension your passion for our product. Getting feedback from our customers always helps us deliver the best product value in future releases.