Remote desktop error

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, every organization has started to work remotely. Our organization is of them and our entire staff work from home by remote access. We have two different choice to connect like either through a remote desktop or through a vpn connection.

Those who are working through a remote desktop, they lost their connection and stop to access office data. But on the other side, rest of them who connect through a vpn, they still work proper and access all the office data. Now the situation is going verse, half of the staff are going to rest. So we  need a solution, please help us.

Thank You

  • Hello linda98martin,

    My name is Jorge Corrales and I work for the KACE Desktop Authority support team. My advice to you is to use a VPN connection. Are you having issues with Expert Assist or with the Microsoft Remote Desktop? Please elaborate, if you would like to open a service request so that the Quest Support Team would assist you with your problem, please using the following link.

    Kind regards,

    Jorge Corrales.