Replacing Desktop Authority with Group Policy

As some of you may or may not know I spent a large amount of time at my last company completely redoing Group Policy/Active Directory configurations.

Well as of two weeks ago I started a new job (60% more money, twice as much time off, 10 less hours of work a week, and a better corporate culture). The new company currently uses Desktop Authority as a supplement to Group Policy but many of the configurations used can just be applied through GP.

I prefer using GP for as much as I can especially in 2008R2+ domains, as such I plan on presenting a plan to slowly convert from GP + DA to completely using GP for our systems configurations.

Anyone who has done this, anything I should look out for or any reasons to not go ahead with this conversion? *********

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  • Hello,

    I have been supporting DA for the last 8 years and we have customers that will not change DA for something else. Some reasons: easy to troubleshoot, easy to configure, easy to manage. I can say 99% of the issues are not related to DA, but to environmental issues and misconfigure elements. Desktop Authority centralizes control over desktop configurations, combining the functionality of logon scripting, group policies, user profiles, and computer profiles into one comprehensive solution. I hope this helps with your decision. 

  •  Do you know if there is a reason they are not update DA?  The latest download is from 2019.  That is an eternity for software.