ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while "executing SLStart". at log on?

We've been seeing this error more freqently and in fact I can recreate it on demand on my desktop computer by simply restarting the machine and logging in.

Dialog box is titled ScriptLogic Notice

ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while "executing SLStart".

There is simply an "OK" button.

This is on top of a black desktop that has our startup graphic behind the scenes (you would see the startup graphic more prominantly back in the Windows 7 and XP days - but normally Windows 10 covers this up until the desktop is available).

Looks like the login script started but it does not complete. There are no mapped drives.  Even a partially executed logon script is not copied to our DA server sltrace$ share for review.  If I manually run the script after dismissing this message, the login script completes successfully and I have my mapped drives.


We are on DA

Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.693

We've had a few calls for this issue.  My machine does it, and at least 3 other machines that we know of do it consistently.  There may be others that do it randomly.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hello,

    This issue can be related to the administrative service credentials not up to date and the anti-virus. The Dell Secureworks Red Cloak can cause this behavior as well. I think the sltrace.htm log and the slagent _logon.log files located at %temp%\desktopauhority in the user machine can show more details about the problem.

    To verify the administrative service is using the right credentials, try to reinstall the service in one of the domain controllers using the cache credentials. 

    For the anti-virus exceptions, please follow the article below and review/add the Desktop Authority exceptions to your antivirus software:

    Please notice that your current version is not supported since 10 Feb 2020. My recommendation will be to upgrade to the latest version at your earliest convenience in case we need to troubleshoot the issue.  

    If you still having the problem, please create a service request in our portal at or you can call these numbers: 1.800.306.9329 or 949.754.8000 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.