Launching script as current logged in user


I have a script that i wan to launch with the Application Launcher, but i would like to run it as the current logged in user. The script will read the current logged in users mapped printers and remap them to a new print server. These printer mappings where done manually by the user and not using the DA printer mappings. 

When i run the script now it runs using the SLuser of Desktop authority and of course that account has no printers mapped. If i run the script manually after login it works perfect and remaps the printers associated to the current user logged in. I see no option in DA to allow scripts to run as the current logged in user. Only option is "run as Administrator"

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks Michael. 

  • Hello mdoherty,

    When Desktop Authority executes an application launcher element it may use either the logged-on user or it can run as administrator, if you check the option to run as administrator, then Desktop Authority runs the Application Launcher with the SLUser (or any credential configured as the domain user account) as a local administrator account in the targeted computer, however, if you don't need administrator permissions to execute the element then you may leave the check box unselected and the element will run in the logged-in user context (without impersonation). Being that said, all you need to do is configure your Application Launcher with the "Run as administrator" box unchecked. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to create a service request in our Support Portal at or calling 1.800.306.9329 or 949.754.8000 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EDT.