Any word on the next release?

Version 9.3 came out 7 months ago. Any word on a new release? or what features might be in it? perhaps IE support on the console or better reporting, maybe exchange 2016?


  • I spotted an old post by Fernando Volonte, who said "development is ongoing and we will be releasing a major release of DA in the very near future (Q3 timeframe) barring any unforseen issues."

    It sounds like something is in the works but it is quite surprising that there are no mentions of it, no pre-release info, nothing. I hope nothing has happened to derail it.
  • Hey BurtlerM,

    To allay any concerns, nothing has derailed the 10.0 release. We're still on track to release in early calendar Q4. With regard to pre-release info, we've not published anything as of yet in part due to the transition through which Dell Software Group is going. Check this our to learn just a bit more:

    Stay tuned to the community for upcoming info about the next release of Desktop Authority and Privilege Manager!


    -Fern, PM
  • Desktop Authority 10.0 is currently available for download Here.

    Look what's new

    • New Off-Network Support (ONS) feature allows all domain joined machines to continue receiving new configuration settings even while disconnected from the corporate network (active internet connection required)
    • Desktop Authority 10.0 now supports SQL Server 2016, Outlook 2016, and Office 2016
    • Added support for Chrome and Edge to both Remote Management module and the DA Admin Console (server-side only)
    • The Remote Management tab has been improved to provide an easier and more reliable connection to client machines
    • All existing reports have been refactored and optimized, resulting in a significant reduction in the time it takes to general each report