After upgrade to 11.3 there are c:\TEMPPATH\tmpFilePath.txt files created on clients at every logon/logoff

We upgraded to Desktop Authority 11.3 and all went well.  The clients are upgrading properly.  But we have noticed that everyone now has a file called c:\TEMPPATH\tmpFilePath.txt on their local/client drives.  If you delete the file it is created again the next time the user logs or logs off.  (I have not tested a refresh)   The content of the file is "netlogon: \\[domain controller name]\netlogon"

It is mostly annoying now that I have determined what is dropping the files, but I was curious if anyone else sees this. I used advanced hunting in Windows Defender for Endpoint to verify that slstart.exe is the process which is creating the file.  But now that I know what process is creating the files, I do not see it as a security issue.

I have a ticket open.

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