DA / Expert Assist Not Connecting Over VPN

Hi, when a PC is on VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) it can't connect to other PCs or receive connections from other PCs. It just times out when connecting to port 2000 in the browser. However, I am showing port 2000 is open when doing nmap scan, also the firewall is showing the traffic is allowed and a packet capture shows traffic is passing to and from. When the PCs are both on the local network it connects. RDP connections are working fine btw. Anyone ever run into this issue?   

  • Hello,

    It happens that something else is using port 2000 and changing the port in the KDA Remote Management element will fix the problem.

    To know what is using the port you can run the following from an elevated CMD:

    Type in the command: netstat -ano -p tcp
    Look-out for the TCP port in the Local Address list and note the corresponding PID number.

    To match the process ID to a program using Task Manager:
    Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then click Task Manager.
    Click the Processes tab.
    If you do not have a PID column, click View, click Select Columns, and then click to select the PID (Process Identifier) check box.
    Click the column header that is labeled "PID" to sort the process by their PIDs. You should be able to easily find the process ID and match it to the program that is listed in Task Manager.

    To match the process ID to a program using the command line:

    Example to find which process uses TCP port 2000:

    C:\>netstat -ano -p tcp |find "2000"

    Let say the PID 1400 is Listening on TCP port 2000. Now we can query the task list to find the process.

    C:\>tasklist |find "1400"

    The above command will show who is using the port.

    If you still having the issue after the above please create a case to let's troubleshoot further. You can create a case by going to support.quest.com/create-service-request or by calling our Support Admins at support.quest.com/.../phone-number-listing

  • Thanks for the response Jorge, I am able to connect to desktop authority on the local PC on VPN by entering https://localhost:2000 in the browser and it does connect and open the app. 

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