Is it possible to search Oracle alert log in TOAD with certain errors, i.e., ORA-, Alter database open, etc. , per each Oracle CDB or PDB oracle instance?

TOAD for Oracle DBA Edition =

Options: DB Admin Module

CDB/PDB, 7 node RAC database(Oracle 19c)

*** Info.

I am in menu = Database --> Diagnose --> Alert Log viewer

on the "Alert Log viewer" screen:

                  For the Amount to load: I choose Last 1000 lines

                  Instance: choose an instance that was rebooted today.

                  In customer filter = %ORA-65019%

                  I also try this in the filter = %alter pluggable database dsprod open%  (with and without %)

Issue: I don't see anything on the screen. 

Note: In fact, I know that I see this in the alert log.   ORA-65019: pluggable database DSPROD already open