Under Review
over 6 years ago

Use pre-determined Administrator account always


  • Selected "Run as administrator"
  • Logged in user is local admin

When these scripts run, they are being done so by the logged in user because he/she has local admin rights.  This is not ideal because the pre-defined Desktop Authority user has special permissions to Active Directory or SQL tables that need to be modified.


I am looking for a way (besides embedding run as commands in the scripts) to force Desktop Authority to always use pre-determined administrator account.

  • This has been a challenge for me as well. I think there should be an option where you can choose to use the local administrator or the Desktop Authority admin account.

    We grant a variety of application, SQL and file/folder access that we grant to the Desktop  Authority account, but would never assign to a user who happens to have local administrative rights for a variety of reasons, including needing to add a printer or for one specific application.

    The current behavior adds a variable which could break scripted functionality.