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Report User Profiles Greater Than 500MBs

Request a report, that I can schedule to run once a week on two domains, that will report the c:\user Profiles that are greater then 500MB.  I submitted "Service Request Number 4164421" and they said I need to request one to be built. 

  • Not sure where the files tab is... but in Report Lib -> File Storage Analysis -> Click on Files and Folders, I do get a Storage Cleanup Summary. Also, in that same folder, click on File Summary, selected computer, selected C: drive and Run (waited) but it opened a File Summary that "Shows file summary information for the selected servers and volumes." So I believe the answer is YES!
  • Sorry, In the Configuration Manager, in the NTFS discovery, where you saw the collection settings, the (Files) tab.

    (Also, this custom query does not use File Storage Analysis collection data)
  • Thanks Peter. Nothing on that tab is selected.
  • since you are collecting many computers in multiple domains, if you want to try things out, collect the folders and files on just one computer (create a new test discovery) then run the report to see if it gives you the expected results. if it does then I can add the additional column that you requested.
  • Peter... we are collecting a ton of data already! And to add all files to the discovery, I'm sure, will fill up SQL quick. Is there no other way to collect the information requested?
  • There really isn't any other way - the profile data is just a chunk of the file system so if you want to know how much space it's using, you have to gather the file system. Now theoretically, you could set up a separate discovery that grabs only those folders from each box - e.g. c:\users but it's still all going to go into the same SQL DB unless you choose to setup a dedicated one just for file system data. The hitch with this approach is that there currently is no convenient mechanism for "switching" between SQL DBs for reporting purposes.
  • Seems like this could be an enhancement to the File Storage Analysis collection, similar to the home drives option that exists now.
  • I see how to discover one server but how do I only pull files from c:\users?
  • Peter please close this request. We are not going to be able to turn on the features required for this Custom Report to run. I will make a feature request for this data to be collect or reported through File Storage Analysis collection. Thanks for all your help!!