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Custom Report that maps users access to a directory

We are looking for a report that will show which groups (including nested groups) give a user access to a Windows share.

For example we would like to see how USER1 has access to SERVER1\Shared

SERVER1\Shared - GROUP1 has Modify Permissions, GROUP2 has Read Permissions, GROUP3 has Modify Permissions

GROUP4 is a member of GROUP2.

USER1 is a member of GROUP1 and GROUP2.


The report would look something like this:

Report for USER1 to SERVER1\Shared


USER1 -> GROUP1 -> SERVER1\Shared (Modify)

USER1 -> GROUP4 -> GROUP2 -> SERVER1\Shared (Read)


This is a small example.  A user may have access to the share through four or more sets of groups in some cases and the groups could be nested about five deep. 


We would specify the user name and server\share for the report.


It looks like a similar request was asked for here:


We would like the same kind of report, but we do not need every group expanded out.  We could limit the report to include one user to one specific share.  Some kind of report that would recursively check the users group-path to the share.




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