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Custom Report to list and count the number of users that login on any given day.

Customer wants to have a report which can filter on Domain and OU to show the UserName, Last Logon (will be collected)(not using the lastlogontimestamp) Disabled and locked status as well. 

[the report will be very similar to the Users With Recent Logons report so this can be used as a base]

The number of total logons per user can be removed from the report and there needs to be a unique user count at the end of the report as well

Can this be done?

  • Hello,

    A team member will review this request and respond shortly.

  • Hi Michael,

    Can you please elaborate what do you mean by the 'count the number of users that login on any given day'?

    1. Are we looking for the count of users that have LAST login on a particular day?
    2. Are you looking to see which users logged in on a specified day. This is not something which reporter collects