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Enumeration of Directly-assigned Domain Users Causing Report to Take a Long Time as well as being Very Large

The NTFS Folder Permission with Membership report is taking an excessive amount of time to load or is failing.  The 'Domain Users' group is being fully enumerated/listed for each folder/file which is resulting in 5000 plus page reports.  I need a method of conditionally/selectively choosing which groups to NOT enumerate/expand in nested groups, etc.

  • To provide additional clarification, we need a method of conditionally/selectively choosing which groups to NOT enumerate whether the group permissions are applied directly or nested. Thanks, Dan Sorenson
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your request.

    For your first request there is already an option for nested memberships to include or not include the Domain Users group. Please reference the parameter "How would you like ot handle nested groups and their members" and note the option to select "Expand Inline excluding members of the Domain Users group". Are you asking for this option for direct members as well?

    For your second request to be able to conditionally choose which groups NOT to enumerate cannot be easily achieved in the product with current features and a custom report. Please reach out on our Product Idea page or contact our support group for an enhancement request to be logged.

  • I need the same option to "Expand Inline excluding members of the Domain Users group" for direct members as well. This report is the reason we recently bought Enterprise Reporter. I have reports that are effectively unusable because Domain Users is granted in many file locations and the report is 5000 plus pages or fails to load. Thanks, Dan Sorenson
  • Okay, we understand your request now. We will have a look and get back to you.
  • Hi, I'm checking in to see you there are any updates on this report request? The business users have been asking me what the status is. Thanks, Dan
  • Hi Daniel,

    We are working on the report. Will let you know about the updates.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Please find the requested custom report from:


    Hi Naureen,

    I downloaded and tested the new custom report, however I am unable to exclude certain users from being reported.  I had originally modified the default 'Folder Permissions with Membership' report to add a parameter of 'Account: Account Name (Account)' in order to exclude Domain Administrators, System, Administrators from even being listed in the report when we provided it to the end users.

    This was a feature we were shown during presales to meet our reporting requirements.

    In the new custom report, it also appears that I am unable to select a Share from the "Include the following paths:" section.




    Basically, I need the "Folder Permissions with Membership" report to be able to exclude specific users accounts and groups from even being displayed, as well as the ability to specify which groups to NOT expand inline (Domain Users, including others that contain a large amount of users and results in the report failing to run or being 10,000 pages)

    The base "Folder Permissions with Membership" report already has a section for handling nested groups and their members, however I need this to include directly applied members as well as nested.


    Let me know if you need any additional information.


    Dan Sorenson


  • Hi Daniel,

    The base “Folder Permissions with Membership” Report cannot be modified to incorporate all the requirements that you want. The Expand Nested Groups parameters for any report cannot be changed to exclude more groups than Domain Users. As well, with this report, it is not possible to add a filter on the nested accounts to hide specific accounts from the output. Due to these limitations, we need to create a new custom query report which does what is required.

    The last report which I uploaded will automatically expand all groups recursively but allows you to specify which groups to not expand (parameter: "Exclude the following groups"). The report also applies the expansion logic to the direct members instead of the nested members.


    For example: Suppose User1 and User3 are the members of Group1
                                     Group2 has User2, User4, and User5 as members
                                     \\Domain\Folder1 is permissioned to user1, user2, Group1, and Group2

    If we exclude group1 from expansion, the uploaded report will show data without expanding group1 like:

    Path: \\Domain\Folder1


    However, the uploaded report does not have a parameter for excluding specific accounts from being displayed which I will add. Can you please confirm if this parameter will hide mentioned accounts even if directly permissioned, or only when nested within another group?

    With a custom query report, the folder selection dialog will not be the same as the base report but you can specify any path with wildcards in the available parameter, for example, \\computer\share\*, or \\computer\c$\folder\*, depending on the collection options.
    Can you please also confirm what other parameters are you looking to include in the report?


  • Hello,

    I am checking to see if there are any updates on status of this report request.