Domain Groups and Members Line-by-line

Hi All,

I am looking to have a report that lists all users in a domain and what groups they belong to. The key being that each group membership should be a seperate line item. This was a report that we had in Quest Reporter before Enterprise Reporter was released. For example, it would look something like this with the headers shown at the top:

Account Disabled | Account Name | Group Membership

False | Blake | Domain Users

False | Blake | Enterprise Admins

False | Blake | Domain Admins

  1. An overview explaining the report you require. See above
  1. What version of Enterprise Reporter is being used? 3.1
  1. What discoveries have been run?
  • AD
  • Computers
  1. Is there a library report that closely matches what you require? Domain Groups and Members is somewhat close
  1. What fields are required in the report? various user attributes like samaccountname, title, description, group membership (memberof)
  1. How does the information in the report need to be sorted? see above, most important is that users appear in multiple lines for each group membership
  1. What parameters are required for filtering the report? n/a
  1. How will this report be consumed? For example, will the report be viewed in report display, exported to CSV, or exported to PDF? exported to csv only