ER Report Request: Recursive list of Folders showing the number of Folders and files within each

Attempting to create query/report that would output the following in CSV format:

Folder Path Number of Folders  Number of Files
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1 5 13
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder1 0 27
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder2 0 40
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder3 0 47
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder4 0 35
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder5 2 96
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder5\Sub-Sub-SubFolder1 0 23
\\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder5\Sub-Sub-SubFolder2 0 20

So at each level we report the folder path and the # of Folders and files just at that level.

QER Version: 3.1.0

Discoveries: AD, Computer, NTFS

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  • Recursive Folder Information with File and Folder

    Good Day Keisha

    Our developer has created a report for you to work with using the following directions. We are having an issue with the download site and hoping you are able to access the report this way. If you are unable to access from here, please let us know.


    Topic: Recursive Folder Information with File and Folder Count

    The report is created to show the list of folders with file and folder count for the selected computers and paths.  The report is created using ER v3.1.


    The report has two input parameter: Computer Names, Folder Paths




    Instructions to use this report are as follows:


    1. Run NTFS Discovery for the required scopes


    1. Unzip and import the attached report in the Report Manager.


    1. In Report Manager, supply the required parameter and run the report.


    1. Optionally, export the data to CSV format.

    Thank you