Manager / Reports Export

An overview explaining the report you require:
I need a report to show all reports below a specific user.

The report will output the information like this:
Name                UserID              Manager            ManagerID

UserName1        UserID1            Manager1          ManagerID1

UserName2        UserID2            Manager1          ManagerID1

UserName3        UserID3            Manager1          ManagerID1

UserName4        UserID4            UserName1        UserID1

UserName5        UserID5            UserName1        UserID1

UserName6        UserID6            UserName2        UserID2

UserName7        UserID7            UserName2        UserID2

What version of Enterprise Reporter is being used?:

What discoveries have been run?:

Is there a library report that closely matches what you require?:
Not that I have found

What fields are required in the report?:
Name, UserID, Manager, ManagerID

How does the information in the report need to be sorted?:
Original Manager searched for then the reports under them in alphabetical then the reports under them alphabetical too etc.

What parameters are required for filtering the report?:

How will this report be consumed? For example, will the report be viewed in report display, exported to CSV, or exported to PDF?:
CSV most important option to use PDF would be nice.