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Hello, in reference to ticket number 4733337 I would like to request a new custom report be created.  I've found one in the forum that basically works, it provides a list of all users about to expire, however I would like to be able to limit this report to just returned on specific users.  The users will be provided via CSV. This is for Quest Report 3.2.0.  I would require the standard fields, Username, First Name, Last Name, UserID, domain, email address and expiration date.  Exporting the report into CSV, PDF, or html would be perferable options.

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  • Hello,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill custom report requests from the community site at this time. Your request and interest is greatly appreciated but we are focusing on our latest release.  Please reach out again on your case and work with your support engineer to determine next steps and priority of your request. 

    Thank you,

    Michael Keenan, Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Reporter

    & Angela Freeman, Development Manager, Enterprise Reporter