Ownership of report

Hi Guys

I have a scheduled report that i need to edit but the person that created the report is long gone and i have no way to edit the report.

Is there a way to recover/take ownership so i can modify the report?



  • Hi Vito,

    Yes there is a way to recover/take ownership of a report which was used by a user that is no longer with your organization. Please see Report Manage User Guide and see Transferring Ownership of Schedules on page 88 in ER build 3.2.2 (or page 87 in ER build 3.2.1 H1) where you will find the instructions to take ownership.


  • Hey, thank you for the quick response, but when i do the transfer, all I'm able to see are my reports. so not able to transfer anything.

    Wondering if this is causing the issue, below the report it states Source: Unknown/report name



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