Folder Permissions Report

I modified the Folder Permissions Report to highlight in yellow with "Modify" access - this works.  I also want to do this for "Write" access but it will not highlight or change font color.  I added an "and" but still will not give me the results of both Modify and Write access. I tried 2 seperate formats but still will not highlight or change font color for Write access.

Can someone help me with this? 

Thank you,


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  • Well, I tried to insert screen shots but not working.

    I'm editing the field by using a formatting rule

    Conditions - [Permissions (ACE) == 'Modify, Synchronize' Or 'Write, Synchronize'

    Formatting - Background Color=Yellow

    Modify, Synchronize will have the background color of yellow /  Write, Synchronize does not.

  • Hi  Kimberlee, sorry that I didn't get back to your sooner. Thanks for the info above as it helped for me to understand what you wanted and were doing. You were very close to your own answer. I would suggest you modify your condition to the following:

    [Permissions (ACE)] == 'Modify, Synchronize'  Or [Permissions (ACE)] == 'Write, Synchronize'

    This works in my lab.