Any ever make a report to compare user access rights between a previous discovery and new discovery?

I'm looking for a report that would display and user access changes between a previous discovery and a new discovery.  Has anyone ever created such a custom report like this?  I would just need to know if XX user was added or Removed access to a folder and all sub folders between the two scans.


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  • Yes I do have Change History Enabled.  I have played around with that out of the box one and edited it, but can't seem to get it to do what I need.  I was only allowed to specify 1 folder.   It would not include any sub folders, even if I added a * to the folder that I picked.  When testing on one folder I got it to say something changed in that folder.  But the Value Change Data did not specify what changed.  I tested with adding a user to have access.  I did see the user showed up in the Change Data Value along with all the other access rights to the folder so you can't tell what was added or removed.  It just said there was a change.