Win32_TerminalServiceSetting Access Denied


I've added the Win32_TerminalServiceSetting to the computer schema for discovery.  When I run discovery, every computer returns "Error adding object to the database," "Access denied."

What additional access rights are required to retrieve the Win32_TerminalServiceSetting class?



  • Have you confirmed that this attribute is available to you when you customize a report in the Report Manager?  i.e. did it actually get added to the Reporter schema?

    If yes, the issue could be on the computer side of things as WinRM (service that gives you access to the WMI data on the computer) is often disabled.   Are you currently successfully collecting any other WMI attributes?

    You could test the latter access by making a simple Powershell script to test connecting to WMI on various computers using your Discovery credentials.

  • That's the route I took, using PowerShell.  I am able to capture the info I need via PowerShell using the same account.

    The discovery is configured to include "Extended WMI Entities," but Win32_TerminalServiceSetting is the only additional class I've added via extending the schema.

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