After running an AD discovery, I copied and edited the Domain Users Report. I included mS-DS-ConsitencyGUD. The report shows "System.Byte". How can ER report on the actual value.


  • I'd love to know if this is possible with ER - here is some PowerShell to export if you need it.

    $domains = @(


    'Domain,samAccountName,UserPrincipalname,objectGUID,ms-DS-ConsistencyGuid' |Out-file $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\exports\Users_msdscg.csv -Force
    ForEach ($Domain in $Domains)

    $users=get-AdUser -server $domain -Properties samaccountname,userPrincipalName,objectGuid,'ms-ds-consistencyguid' -LDAPFilter $ldapfilter

    forEach ($u in $users){
    $domain +','+$u.samaccountname +',' +$u.userPrincipalname + ',' +$oGuid+','+ $uMSDSCG |Out-file $env:USERPROFILE\Documents\exports\Users_msdscg.csv -append