• Extraction of User Accounts Created in the last XX Days

    Hello Quest Team,

    Extraction of Report that can query AD user accounts that were created in the last 1,7,30 amount of days(flexible to specify xx days). Unfortunately did not see anything that matched in the library or on the community site.


  • Extraction of Domain User List and count of them in two different sheets within one excel/csv with timestamp and company logo

    I am trying to extract all Users list(using report "Domain Users") for a given domain and its working as expected, however we also need a snap of total user count in a different sheet within the same excel of extracted user list.

    This is to evident…

  • Need help on a creation of a Custom Report to analyze 15 Forests (Domains)


    I would like to create a custom report with the following criteria, across 12 forests (Domains).  I'm running Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1, I have run the AD Discovery only.

    I will need the following data:

    > Domain name (Netbios)

    > Name

  • Custom Report Showing UserAccountControl Extended Attribute

    Would like a report that shows the value for the UserAccountControl attribute for User accounts in Active Directory.  

    Would really only need the username, dn, and the field. 


  • Empty OUs excluding all classes


    I am looking for a report that allows filtering of all classes. I can see there are parameters that can be added for count of users, computers, groups and contacts- there is also one for "Other objects", but this doesnt seem to include OUs themselves…