Need help on a creation of a Custom Report to analyze 15 Forests (Domains)


I would like to create a custom report with the following criteria, across 12 forests (Domains).  I'm running Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1, I have run the AD Discovery only.

I will need the following data:

> Domain name (Netbios)

> Name

> FirstName

> LastName

> SamAccountName

> Gecos (extended attribute)…..this is an anchor value

> Users that have logged in the past 365 Days

> Exclude certain OUs

> Users in source with SidHistory

I will need all the above fields please.  I will need the information sorted from A > Z, based on Name (CN).  This entire report will be consumed via CSV.

Finally I would like to have a excel sheet for all of these parameters.  Also a separate excel sheet that will indicate all users that do have a GECOS attribute value assigned to them, along with other users from other domains that have the same exact value within the GECOS.  (This will help indicate which user have multiple accounts in the other Forests(Domains).

Thank you,


  • Hello,

    Thank you for this report request and related details.  I have logged this request into our tracking system and the suggestion will be reviewed by product management in due course.   We will work to have a response to you within 1-2 weeks. 


    -Angela Freeman

  • Hello Enrico, 

    I am the senior product manager for Enterprise Reporter. My apologies for not having responded in a quicker manner. Thank you for your message but unfortunately we are not able to fulfill your request. The team is currently evaluating how much custom work we can commit to in place of requested product feature sets, new platform support and performance enhancements. At this time we are evaluating requests that we can complete in under a single day only. Your request would take far more resources than we can commit to.