• Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY

    Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY format for the fields which has time stamp values in it. For Ex: User Creation Date, Expiration Date (Domain User), Last Collected Time (Domain) etc on Quest Reports - Active…

  • Need help on a creation of a Custom Report to analyze 15 Forests (Domains)


    I would like to create a custom report with the following criteria, across 12 forests (Domains).  I'm running Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1, I have run the AD Discovery only.

    I will need the following data:

    > Domain name (Netbios)

    > Name

  • Custom Report Showing UserAccountControl Extended Attribute

    Would like a report that shows the value for the UserAccountControl attribute for User accounts in Active Directory.  

    Would really only need the username, dn, and the field. 


  • Accounts NOT IN SG-FTC_RSAToken_Logon_Required

    Attached report was built for me by Quest.  User is reporting that it returns objects from the Recycle Bin.  The user wants the report to only reflect the current users in AD, regardless of state (enabled or disabled). I don’t want it to report on deleted…

  • custom user report with extensionattributes

    The domain users report does not allow me to add Extensionattributes1-15. I have extended the schema in ER to collect the date but i cannot edit the report and include those attributes.

    I need a report with the following fields

    Display Name
    First Nam…

  • Need User Information Report which includes Modified and PasswordNotRequired Fields

    Our Auditors are requesting a User report which contains two fields that I have been unable to find a report for - "Modified" and "PasswordNotRequired".