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Accounts NOT IN SG-FTC_RSAToken_Logon_Required

Attached report was built for me by Quest.  User is reporting that it returns objects from the Recycle Bin.  The user wants the report to only reflect the current users in AD, regardless of state (enabled or disabled). I don’t want it to report on deleted users.


Accounts NOT IN

  • Hello,
    Just a clarification question, can you tell me which deleted accounts are showing up in the report, deleted groups, or deleted group members?
  • We believe the answer to your question is Deleted Group Members!

    It is user accounts in the recycle bin that are showing up… and we don’t want the report to show anyone from the recycle bin.
  • Hi there!

    I looked into the attached report and tried couple of scenarios in my test environment -
    removing a group member, deleting a group member and deleting a group itself and the report is returning the correct information in all 3 cases I tried.

    I would advise you to run your AD discovery again to make sure you have latest data in the database. If the problem still persists, please contact support so that they can investigate this issue further.

  • I understand you can't recreate this issue in your AD. Still we see it in ours. Is there a way to tell the report to "Exclude" the Recycle Bin?
  • SQL query in the report is already filtering/ignoring deleted items so I'm not really sure why you are still seeing deleted group members. I would suggest contacting support for a thorough investigation.

  • Discovery runs every night and it ran successfully last night. Would you be able to add a column that records the OU each object is found in?
  • I will into this and get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Hi there,

    I looked into the report fields and it's already displaying the OU for the groups. Do you want to see the OU for the group members as well? Please clarify.

  • Hi Aarti,

    I just recreated the issue in my domain. I ran the report, that you have a copy of, and in the 9,695 results I have many users who have been deleted and are in the AD Recycle Bin. I can confirm this by looking in Active Roles WebAdmin. To clarify... can you make this report to not return any users that are in the Recycle Bin (I do not want Deleted Users in this report)?

    Thank you for your hard work on this...
  • CN=Deleted Objects,DC=myDomain,DC=com ... Can that CN=Deleted Objects be excluded from the report?