• Active directory permissions for account

    We need a custom report for "Active directory permissions for account" to fetch the data of multiple accounts. The built-in report is designed to fetch data for single entry. 

  • Modify User Recursive Group Membership Report by adding a filter to limit Users it works against

    I have a customer we are running a divestiture migration with who has an extremely large Active Directory.  What I need to do is figure out based on a list of users (who have an LDAP Attribute populated for scope) what groups to add to our scope.  Normally…

  • Extraction of Domain User List and count of them in two different sheets within one excel/csv with timestamp and company logo

    I am trying to extract all Users list(using report "Domain Users") for a given domain and its working as expected, however we also need a snap of total user count in a different sheet within the same excel of extracted user list.

    This is to evident…

  • Manager / Reports Export

    An overview explaining the report you require:
    I need a report to show all reports below a specific user.

    The report will output the information like this:
    Name                UserID              Manager            ManagerID

    UserName1        UserID1            Manager1          ManagerID1

    UserName2        UserID2            Manager…

  • User Expiring report without Deprovisioned user list report

    Hello Team,

    We have a report which fetch the information about the user account expiring details for (n)number of days 

    But it fetch the information includes Deprovisioned users but we dont need the deprovision users list in same expiring users details…

  • Custom Reports with Custom Quieries breaks after upgrading to Enterprise Reporter 3.0


    I need help in fixing my Custom Report Queries when I upgraded Enterprise Reporter to version 3.0.  Somehow the database schema changed.  All of my custom reports display no results.

    Here is an example of "Folder Permission with Membership"…

  • New Parameter - Does Not Match

    There is a parameter that returns data only if two attributes being compared match each other. I would like to generate a query that will return data only if the two attributes being compared do not match.