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Comprehensive report to expose all subordinate users of an AD user

I am looking into a customer request (Iron Mountain) for a report which would enumerate all direct and indirect subordinates to an AD user to the bottom most level. Their use case is primarily centered around constructing and altering distribution lists for disseminating communications from upper management and department heads down to all relevant employees. Any help in constructing something would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

  • Hello Peter, 

    Thank you for your request.  This one is interesting.  As you know we do collect the managed by attribute for each AD user and could build a report based on this.   

    The issue will be with the layout of this report.  Since there could be a large number of management levels, how do you see the layout looking?   If the main purpose is to show a distribution list based on a root manager, I would highly suggest a flat list of all direct and indirect subordinates.   E.g.   Run the report for the manager "Angela Freeman" and get a flat list of all direct and indirect reports.   Similar to a recursive membership report, we need to understand if you need the report layout has to display how the indirect report was found (membership path). 

    Manager: Angela Freeman

            Direct Report1

            Direct Report2

            Indirect ReportA

            Indirect ReportB

    Also note that depending on the number of AD users and the number of management levels we will optimize the query for the best performance. 

    Let me know your thoughts on layout and we can then look further. 



  • I thought it was an interesting one as well. For the use case at hand, I can verify that a flat list would absolutely suffice and having a report showing the membership path would be icing on the cake. I imagine there are used cases that would necessitate the more in-depth report as you've described, however I cannot remember one from any discussions lately. Thank you!

  •   The team will start to work on this request and should have a draft report available in a few days.  Thanks! 

  • Hello Peter, 

    This is a different Peter.  I'm looking at your report request here, and just have 2 quick questions.  What version of Enterprise Reporter is this report going to be used with, and what parameters are you looking for, Domain Name, Manager name?

  • Hello Peter! The customer you're helping with this report is running 3.2 and with respect to default parameters, I think simply requiring the domain and the user would suffice. Anything further you think might be helpful please include. This baseline report should remain quite high-level for their needs. Thank you! 

  • Hello Peter, 

    I've included a link to a report which displays the managers, and the subordinates, and I also include the management path.  Let us know what you think.

  • Thank you Peter, this report looks great! I really like how the layout presents the data in such a way that you can easily determine the hierarchy of the organization.