AD Domain group last modified date.


I would like to get a report that can give me the last modified date done on a Domain group for example an AD Security Group who members were added/removed and the date.  

  • What version of Enterprise Reporter is being used?
  • 3.1
  • What discoveries have been run?
  • Active Directory, Computer, Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online.
  • Is there a library report that closely matches what you require?
  • No,
  • What fields are required in the report?
  • AD Security Group Name,  Domain,  member added or removed and Date
  • How does the information in the report need to be sorted?
  • By Date, Security Group Name, UserID
  • What parameters are required for filtering the report?
  • AD Security Group Name, Object modified and Date
  • How will this report be viewed? For example, will the report be viewed in report display, exported to CSV, or exported to PDF?

          Exported to CSV

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