Discovery runs successfully but data not available

Hi All,

I have run a AD discovery and can see the user/group/computer being discovered but when i try to find it in the report i am unable to find the domain or any data in the reports.

Need to help, what can be done??


  • Hi Naveed,

    I have the usual question. In report manager, before you log in, you can select the Advance button and select the Database Server. Is it the same one that Configuration Manager is using? Also does the account you are using to log in to Report Manager have the necessary permissions to access the database listed in Configuration Manager? Is it in the necessary Groups for ER? Can you access the database thru SQL Server and check the tables to see if there is any data in them (tblDomainUser, tblDomainGroup, tblDomainComputer)?

    Last but not least have you contacted Quest Support for these types of issues?