Ideas for scheduling discoveries when everyone is working from home...

Before the pandemic, i could run discoveries at night, and get all the desktops and a good portion of the laptops that people left in the office.  The rest of the laptops i would get during the working day as they were all in the building.

After the pandemic, all the laptops are at people's homes 24/7, and i only have a small chunk of hours (from 8am to 5pm) to run a discovery for all those laptops (over 100 laptops).  Plus since i am discovering over a VPN connection, it takes 20-30 minutes per machine instead of 5 minutes like it was when they were in the building.

One thing i figured out is that i have been wasting 2 minutes per device for the laptop to respond.  I just made a change that says, if the laptop doesnt respond in 5 pings move on to the next machine.  So at least i dont waste 2 minutes per machine when they arent ever going to respond.  5 seconds and if you arent there, move on!

I told Quest support they should have a persistent discovery that polls for devices that havent been discovered in X hours.  What i do right now is run manual one-off discoveries. 

Any thoguhts/ideas?